This is not really an IQ test.

Please take a few moments to answer all 10 Questions. The answers will be given after the Submit button is pressed. All Questions must be answered to play by the rules. Blank answers will not be displayed with the Correct Answers ;~)

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Question 1
What is the only thing you can put in a bucket that will make it lighter?

Question 2
You are wearing a blue swim suit. You jump in the Red Sea. What happens to the Swim Suit?

Question 3
There are 5 birds sitting on the top rail of a fence. You shoot one of these birds. How many birds are left on the fence?

Question 4
What is the number 1 use for cow hide in the United States.

Question 5
Ducks and geese always fly in a V formation. One side of the V is always longer than the other. Why is this?

Question 6
How many seconds are there in a year. (You can show you know by just starting the calculation below)

Question 7
What month has 28 days?

Question 8, Trick question
Why is there a Leap Year?

Question 9
Do red candles burn longer than yellow candles?

The final question
What do you call 1 yard by 1 yard?