With over 10 years experience, APTS can build web pages that that will amaze most people.

AP Technical Solutions (APTS) has been building web pages since 1992. Design, layout and style built to your delight. Personal pages. Family web Albums. Complex linking Genealogy sites. Company web sites available. Fully user interactive web pages on all sites

Company & Policies
Policy 1 - Only family/company oriented web sites are alowed on this site.
Policy 2 - Personal information is entered by you. The coustomer makes all adds to or deletes from web site.
Policy 3 - APTS will give you the Space on the internet to have a Free Personal Web Page. A short Bio and 1 maybe 2 pictures. Only Kid-safe pages will be accepted on the web site. Family, Friend, Journal, What ever sites are available. As long as the Content of your site is Kid-Safe, (censored by APTS), you can have a free web site. Furthermore, it is the policy of APTS to supply all the help needed to have a web page. Therefore, APTS created a Basic HTML Tutorial to provide on-line technical help with building a web page yourself.

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Free HTML Tutorial

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