History of the web site
After the death of my father, the web site was created to commemorate his life.
The Payne Family Reunion Web Site has been developed to benefit the descendants of Cassious and Ollie Payne!
The site is listed with Safe Surf and Rsaci as Kid Safe.
The Guided Tour was introduced.
Italicized pictures will open a new page for viewing purposes only. The page will stay on top unless you minimize it. Close the page after viewing the picture.
Highlights of the Payne Family Reunion '99 are posted and full of pictures.
Pictures have been changed in the Reunion Pictures area! 
A special thanks and credits table has been added to the site where you can be listed as giving information pertaining to the web site. Click on the Disclaimer link to take you to the table.
Entertainment page for the young at heart. There are games, poems, stories and crossword puzzles to keep you amused. More to come in the entertainment page.
It is easy to relate information to the Web site Engineer now. E-mail/Page the information you want to be displayed on the web site using ICQ. The process is easy and will not hurt you.
The PFR web site gets its own Domain Name. HTTP://surfnow.to/PayneFamilyReunion
The web site has been sectioned into pieces to speed the load time up some. The front page is small now compared to what it was. Now when you Enter the web site you are presented with the main document about the PFR. The links at the top under the heading will take you to the various places in the main document. These links do not take you to a new page.
The Guest book has been under construction for a long time. It will now record your entry and you will be listed in the 'Most Excellent Visitors' list! If you have signed the book before, the entry is lost and unobtainable. Please sign again.
You can list your Name, e-mail and address here so other family members can find you if you so desire.
Family members that do not have a computer are welcome to put their names in the contact list also. It will be up to us as users to inform them of this service and to get them listed. Contact your children, Moms, Dads, aunts or uncles and inform them of this listing. The intention of this listing is to make a place for family members to find their relatives.
On line Newsletter comes to the PFR web site.
The Photo Album is completed. Names are needed on some of the pictures to go with the faces. Look in the Kids page to find the link to the PFR Photo Album.
Pictures are needed!
The Payne Family Reunion has a new home! The old address HTTP://www.geocities.com/SouthBeach/Lagoon/8365 is no longer a valid address. The address of the PFR Web Site is HTTP://surfnow.to/PayneFamilyReunion.
The Tolosa Picnic will be held August 6th. This Picnic is held to benefit the Ware and Baker cemeteries. Tell your moms, dads, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters and/or children to attend. This Picnic helps to keep the grounds at the cemetery groomed where members of the Payne Family are interred. Picnic includes, Dining, Dancing, Carnival type Midway and games, Cake walk, Bingo, and much more. See you there.
The Genealogy Pages are under way. You can view the information contained in them by clicking HERE. The information contained in the documents are comprised of information currently listed in the web site so there is not a lot of information there. Any help is welcome.
A lot of the Family Tree information is done on this site. There is a lot more information on Margie Davis's site. View that site by Clicking HERE.
There is a Wild West Page on the web site now. Family members young and old can re-live the past by visiting this page. Follow the links to Wild West on the floating menu.
The HTML tutorial is ready for all that wish to make a web page and for those who have a page it has a lot of extras that other tutorials don't have. Bookmark the tutorial page located HERE.
The Payne Family Reunion Web Site has a new home. http://www.paynefamilyreunion.com
There is an area for all the great people in the family. Visit the Wall of Achievement
Margie's book is available in print. 'Remember When' More new coming soon....
There is always something new going on at the web site. APTS is currently looking for Ideas for web pages. If you have an idea and would care to share it, (with the world), APTS is looking for you. Share
There is a new Guest Book Be the first to sign!