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The Family Web Album is the Ideal way to share pictures with family. Designed to feel like a family tree so you can trace the family to the earliest family member entered in the Album. Father Wife Child Grandchild. Regress to Grandfather Great-Grandfather, as far back as you would like to take the Album. Free Page

The Friends Web Album is the Ideal way to share pictures with friends. Designed to feel like a Scrap Book. Do what you want. Music, Art, Journals, Diary.

Add Image captions, Biographies, Guest books, Image View Photo Album and Chat Rooms.

Web Album Specifications

The size of the Album is controled by the Album Administrator. Images will be sized to 200k or less, this allows 5 Images per Album page = 1meg. As much or as little Text information as you like can be added to the images or Biographies. Add ons available, Chat rooms, Interactive Photo Album, (APTS)Safe Surf Tweet Filter is installed in all public areas.

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